Can I get more Super Likes on Tinder?

The short answer is YES! But maybe not how you think. You see, Tinder is pretty strict on limiting you to just one Super Like in a 24 hour period. And this is what makes the Super Like so powerful – it’s rare. So when a woman received a Super Like, they go nuts! It gives them a quick adrenaline rush, a huge confidence boost – and then sets in the overwhelming sense of intrigue. They want to know why you Super Liked them. Is it because they’re hot? Was their profile well written? Did you love their smile? They will swipe right just to find out why you used up the holy grail of Tinder swipes on them!

Obviously this means that having more Super Likes would dramatically increase your number of matches; and ultimately the amount of action you’re getting off Tinder. So how do we increase the number of Super Likes you have? Well first let’s break down what happens when you do a Super Like.

What happens when I Super Like someone?

The main thing that happens when you Super Like someone is that below your photo a thing blue bar shows up, and so does a small star, and a message saying that you Super Liked that user. Here’s how it looks:

Tinder Super Like

Can we make it look like I Super Liked everyone?

Yes! That’s exactly what we do here at Unlimited Super Likes. As with the photo above, we take one of your photos and apply the Super Like Bar on the bottom of your photo. This will give every user the impression that you have Super Liked them, and dramatically increase the number of matches you receive.

How do I get started?

Very easily. Simply jump over to our Order Page, and upload your photo. This should be the photo you want to use as your display picture on Tinder. We will then put the thin blue bar over the top, and make it look as though you have Super Liked every single user. This will do wonders for the number of matches you get, and from our experience it will also dramatically increase the quality of the matches you receive. Beautiful women have a huge range of men to choose from, and the only way they can cull this list is to talk to the men that stand out – the Super Like is the fastest and easiest way to stand out from the crowd.

Does it really work?

Hell yes it does! We have been tirelessly testing this, and landing dates with stacks of women that would normally be far outside of our league! Because this is so simple to do, you have nothing to lose – give it a try, and if for some crazy reason it doesn’t work for you, just switch back to your old profile. But if it does work (which is will), then stock up on condoms, clear out your Friday night, and get ready to start getting more attention than you’ve ever had from the opposite sex!