Get More Than One Super Like on Tinder

So the guys over at Tinder think that you should only get one Super Like in a 24 hour period – and we totally understand why! Super Likes are powerful. They dramatically increase your chances of getting a match – and regardless of your looks and profile, it means a woman will take you seriously. So what exactly is the Super Like? Well it’s the perfect way to get someones attention – it shows a small blue bar below your photo, and alerts the user to the fact that you “Swiped Up”, and that you’re really into them. That’s got to make them feel super special right? Hell yes. It also intrigues them enough to want to talk to you!

Tinder Announces the Super Like

So Tinder has decided to do a ‘trial’ of the Super Like in Australia; which is great news for Aussie guys! But with only one per day, it’s so damn precious that you don’t want to use it up on just anyone. And we’ve all been there – as soon as you Super Like a girl, and even hotter girl comes along next, but you’re all out of Super Likes! Here is the official announcement of Super Likes:

How do I get more Super Likes?

Great question – and fortunately is has an easy answer! The easiest way to get more Super Likes is to ‘overlay’ an image of the superlike bar (the thin blue strip at the bottom of your picture) on top of your photo. To the naked eye, this is indistinguishable; and will look virtually identical to almost any Tinder user. For you however, it means that every single woman on Tinder will think you Super Liked them! From our experience, this not only means more matches, but also higher quality matches. An average man can grab the attention of 10/10 women, and with far more talking to you, the number of “Netflix and Chill” dates you can land explodes!

How does it look when I get a ‘Super Like’ profile?

It looks 90% the same as an ‘authentic’ Super Like, and because most women don’t get a whole lot (considering you only get one per day, there aren’t many getting sent around), they hardly even know what a real one looks like. So check out the photo below, and you’ll see how your shiny new profile will look:

Super Like Tinder Profile

So how do I get more Super Likes?

Simple! We have an easy-to-use free service that will update your profile for you. Just jump over to our Order Page and punch in your details. Upload a photo, and we will do the rest of the work. We’ll send you back a photo with the “Super Like” blue bar on it, and you’ll be ready to get started swiping away and getting far more matches from beautiful women. It works great for us – and it will work great for you too!

What happens if I get caught out by a woman?

This has happened before, and they actually find it amusing that you would be that clever to trick the system. Women love intelligence, and as long as you play it off as you’re a bit cheeky rather than that you just got busted, you’ll actually have a great shot of landing a date still!