How To Get Unlimited Super Likes on Tinder

So you want Unlimited Super Likes on Tinder? I don’t blame you! Super Likes are the latest and greatest feature has to offer, and mean you get a huge bump in matches. Your overall success on Tinder could dramatically increase just from getting more Super Likes – but Tinder only give you one per day! So what can you do about this? Well you’ve come to the right place.

Unfortunately the only way to get ‘real’ Super Likes after you’ve used up your daily allowance is to purchase Tinder Plus. This can be pretty expensive, and still only gives you a limited number of Super Likes to add to your arsenal. That’s hardly enough to line you up an endless supply of talent that’s keen for “Netflix and Chill”. So what are you to do about this?

The Answer to getting More Super Likes on Tinder

So unfortunately you can’t get ‘true’ Unlimited Super Likes, but what you can do is get your main photo to look virtually identical to how it looks when someone Super Likes someone. You can have your main photo photoshopped to have the blue bar, the star, and the little message that says “XYZ Super Liked You”. To a woman that is considering swiping right, this looks nearly identical, and will dramatically increase the number of matches you receive.

What could be better than making every single woman on Tinder think they’re special enough to earn your daily Super Like? The best part is, they will have no idea that you have done this to every single woman, and it will only increase your chances of landing a date with them.

We’ve tried this strategy out countless times with amazing results. Some of our staff have gone from getting 6/10’s to landing 10/10’s purely because they can grab their attention in the giant ocean of eligible bachelors they call Tinder.

How do I get more Super Likes on Tinder then?

Well fortunately we’ve set up a service which will adjust your Display Picture free of charge! Simply jump over to our Order Now page, and get started! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain – start using the “Super Like” display picture and increase your matches dramatically!

What does it look like when I have more Super Likes?

Check out the photo below! It will look exactly the same as your current profile, except you will have an authentic looking blue strip at the bottom which grabs the eye of the user. This is virtually identical to the bar that Tinder puts on a profile when someone has used their genuine superlike, and to the average user they won’t be able to tell the difference between this and a legitimate Super Like. Because of this, you will get a huge jump in the number of matches you get – as every woman will think you’re very interested in them. This is great for securing more dates, and having far more options of who to head out on a date with. Because this stands out so much, you will find that you’re attracting women of a much higher quality.

Tinder Super Likes

Take your Tinder profile to the next level by making it look like you have Super Liked every single woman!