Super Likes launched by Tinder in the UK

Unlimited Super Likes in the UK

You read that correctly! Super Likes has been officially launched in the UK by Tinder. After a super successful launch in Australia as a test-bed, Tinder has decided to push the service to its userbase in the United Kingdom. With an overwhelmingly positive response from their Australian users, it was only a matter of time before the new functionality was going to be launched internationally.

Super Likes in the UK means we’re most likely on the verge of a full-scale international rollout, meaning it’s only a matter of time before the United States gets this new feature. Tinder has announced that Super Likes help to make conversations last longer – when a Super Like is used a conversation on average lasts 70% longer than a normal conversation. This is great news for those that have an immediate attraction to somebody they see on Tinder, and really want to hit it off and take it to the next level.

But with Tinder launching Super Likes in the UK, we have already seen an explosion in our service. At the time of writing, Tinder only launched this service 16 hours ago – and we’re already seeing an influx of guys in the UK ordering our service (which is free of charge). We obviously don’t want this method to get saturated, so we will be limiting orders once we hit a certain threshold – which we’re still calculating, considering we had no idea the UK would be launching Tinder Super Likes this soon!

So why would you want Unlimited Super Likes on Tinder? Well the short answer is – you will get more matches. Aside from this, as mentioned above, you will generally have a longer more meaningful conversation with the person that you have Super Liked. So why don’t you get started and order now, it only takes a minute, and we’ll have you back a ‘super like’ photo in a heartbeat!

We’re super excited that we’re able to help more people connect and have meaningful interactions. Our service intends to stay free forever, and we truly want to help others out that may not have otherwise been able to have the level of romance in their life that they desired. Whether you’re wanting ‘netflix and chill’, a string of one-night stands, or to meet your soul mate – the main thing to remember is that the more meaningful encounters you have, the higher odds you have of securing that perfect partner – whatever that means. Having unlimited super likes is a smart and effective way to increase the number of potential partners in your life, and to stand out from the crowd.

Happy swiping! 😉